29 July 2014
new website!!!
my goodness....hello there! it's been quite some time now since i've posted a blog. it's shameful really. i always loved posting pictures from my shoots and a short backstory to go with them. some may be wondering why i stopped. well, to this i say, "welcome to the world of having a website made through wordpress" - where all the coding would change on the back-end and i had no idea how to fix it. so the blogging stopped, the website updates stopped and eventually the website remained "under maintenance" for over a year. see, shameful! BUT...no more! i am excited to announce that i have a brand new, redesigned website created by BrightWork Inc. over in Marblehead. with their help i now have a beautiful website, with updated pictures, and blog posting capabilities back :-) i am a very happy girl.

in the upcoming week i will be coming up with a give-away to celebrate my new website so please stay tuned for that. in the meantime feel free to look around my new website. i'm sure many of you will see your pictures displayed and i hope that brings a smile to your face. 

and of course you'll want to visit back because i have so many pictures to take and so many stories to tell with them. 

xo erinn 

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