When I graduated high school my dad gave me a Canon film camera in hopes I would follow in his footsteps for his love of photography, which thankfully I did. But I wish I could say that I took that camera and took beautiful landscape shots on film like him, but instead I took it with me out to group dinners at Uno’s after work and passed it around for everyone at the table to use.

Fast forward years later when I purchased my first Nikon DSLR camera. I can remember my mom saying, “Now be sure to take pictures of people. Your dad always just takes landscape pictures and never anyone in them.”

I like to think that I’ve become a photographer with a mix of both of my parents passions – my dads passion to capture the beauty in Mother Nature like the sun setting over the ocean waves, blooming flowers in the summer heat, or the changing of leaves in autumn and my moms passion – to enjoy people living in the moment by capturing a newborn gazing at their mother, a couple reciting eternal vows in front of their loved ones, or just the simple, purest emotion of love between families.

As I write this I start to think back of those pictures captured on film and realize there is beauty in them. They are images of laughter, happiness, love and togetherness. Most of all they are timeless memories. Whether I am shooting an event, a portrait session, pink clouds in the sky or my dogs running on the beach, I can assure you that each photo I take will evoke my passion and love of photography. I will capture memories.

I would love to learn more about you and I would be honored to make your moments stand still in a photograph.

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